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If you’re shopping for vinyl windows, you’ve come to the right place. We are offering high quality windows and excellent customer and installation service



Are you looking for High Performance Fiberglass or Steel door? We have a large variety at a very attractive price.

Five Star Windows Carries The Best Windows And Doors

five star windowsAre you looking for new windows for your residential or commercial property? Since 2007, Five Star Windows has been providing our customers with the finest quality, selection and service for windows in Toronto. We pride ourselves on the level of quality selection and service we are able to provide to our customers—made possible by our years of experience and our continual commitment to always improve in any way possible. Our goal is to ensure that our customers find the perfect fit for their needs and budget; from the very first step of selecting the perfect window type for a home to the final touches on installation, Five Star Windows guarantees that we’ll be there every step of the way.

New windows can be a great way to inject personal style and sensibilities into a household, as well as providing benefits that creates the ideal living space for its occupants. Furthermore, new windows are a smart investment for the future—homes with customized windows will stand out amongst the crowd, instantly increasing the value of the property. Don’t know which window types are best for your home? Look through our vast selection of products here—we’re sure that there’s something that’s just right for your home. If you’re still undecided, visit us or give us a call—we’d be happy to help you out.

In addition to instantly improving the look and value of your property, new windows can also provide numerous benefits to a living space. New windows can change the dynamics of a household or property by the attributes it provides, such as improved ventilation, insulation or lighting. For example, a new window that increases the amount of light allowed into a room may help to increase the attractiveness of that area as a living space; a gloomy, sparsely used room can be instantly transformed into a lively and energetic area with the right windows.

New windows can also allow for improved ventilation and insulation, making temperature control easier and creating a more comfortable environment within the home. Sometimes, existing windows can be a poor fit for the home, or simply wore down through wear and tear—thereby reduces the window’s insulation abilities. Poor insulation from windows will cause warm air to escape the home in the winter, and cool air to exit the home during the summer—thereby taxing the air conditioning in your household and increasing your heating bill. With Five Star Windows, you can rest assured that the ventilation and insulation properties of our products are of the finest quality—creating the most comfortable living space possible for our customers.

Five Star Windows is the one–stop solution when it comes to purchasing or installing windows in Toronto; our experienced staff are ready to help you in finding the perfect fit for your home. Whether it’s a single window or an entire set you need, Five Star Windows has what you’re looking for—when it comes to windows, trust us to deliver the quality you deserve.